December 9, 2023

Queen Elizabeth: The majority of Britons want her to abdicate before she dies

Queen Elizabeth: The majority of Britons want her to abdicate before she dies

Monarchy in Great Britain is a subject of ongoing debate. A new poll is about the future of Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Prince William.

Queen Elizabeth has held the throne of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland since 1952 – and for a long time kept the promise she made to her people on her 21st birthday in 1947.

I declare before all of you that my entire life, long or short, must be dedicated to your service and to the service of our great imperial family. […]

But do the British want that? Polling institute “Deltapoll” wanted to know.

It is said that Queen Elizabeth abdicated the throne before her death

Poll result: The British are divided on the question of how long Queen Elizabeth should remain in office. 48 percent of those surveyed believe the Queen should not fulfill her promise and step down prematurely. Out of 48 percent, 27 percent believe a queen should only do so “if she is not in good health.” While the remaining 21 percent support the abdication of the 94-year-old regardless of her health condition.

41% believe the queen should “remain in office until she dies.” The remaining 11 percent abstain from voting.

Prince William is more popular than Prince Charles

The survey also found that most British respondents would like Prince William, 38, to follow the Queen instead of Prince Charles, 72. When asked, “If the Queen leaves the throne, who would you rather see as a king?”? ”47 percent named the Duke of Cambridge and only 27 percent the Prince of Wales. Of the remaining respondents, 8 percent said they did not know, and 18 percent said they They are not with William or Charles They want the monarchy to be abolished and Britain to become a republic.

The poll, which reflects the opinion of 1,590 British adults, was conducted from March 31 to April 1, on behalf of the Daily Mirror.


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