The wife paid hundreds of dollars

In fact, the Australian wanted to celebrate her birthday in abundance last Saturday. Loreda Quiambao has booked a table for herself and five other guests at the elegant Navi restaurant in Melbourne.

However, the Melbourne native was already ill on Thursday, after which she canceled the visit 48 hours early. Actually soon enough, one might think.

On Facebook, Lorida Quiambao really had to let loose. “No restaurant or business should be allowed to charge this kind of cancellation fee,” she wrote angrily. She further complained, “I checked my credit card and yes, they took that amount.”

You haven’t tried to reach the restaurant by phone beforehand. It was only sent via email on Friday. As a project manager, Koyambao will certainly understand the cancellation fee, but not such a high amount, she explained to Daily Mail Australia.

Navi Restaurant also commented on these allegations. The gentleman’s restaurant had charged about A$170 (about CHF103) per person. Because Lorida Quiambao booked for 6 people, she was billed 6 times.

Chef and owner Julian Hills explained that there is an obligation to cancel “five days in advance” for five or more people. The reason: such a group makes up a quarter of the restaurant’s capacity.

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