Hamburg: A large fire causes toxic smoke clouds

The public has been warned

Scenes of the apocalypse in Hamburg – clouds of toxic smoke rise into the sky

In a major fire in Hamburg-Rothenburg, two warehouses caught fire. The fire department said the smoke was so strong that the city center went dark.


Two warehouses in the German city of Hamburg caught fire early Sunday morning.


  • The city center of Hamburg was completely blacked out on Sunday morning, and the reason for this was a large fire.

  • Two warehouses caught fire for reasons not yet known.

  • An official warning was issued to residents, classifying the event as “extremely dangerous”.

Two warehouses in Hamburg have been on fire since early Sunday morning. Fire Department warns Danger of smoke gases The chemical components in the fire-breathing air in the Rothenburgsort district. The clouds of smoke are now heading towards the city due to the current northeast wind. “Hamburg’s city center is completely dark,” a spokesman for the Hamburg fire department told dpa. Rothenburgsort is located east of the city center on the Elbe River and borders, among others, on the Hafencity.

Develop smoke classified as “extreme hazard”.

Firefighters were initially unable to determine how the big fire could have happened on Easter night or what exactly happened in the burning warehouses. In an official warning, the development of fire and smoke was classified as a “severe hazard”.

Residents of a large area northeast of Hamburg have been asked to close windows and doors and protect themselves from smoke. Deutsche Bahn has announced that the routes between Hamburg and Böschen are closed due to the fire. Local transportation is also restricted to the fire service. The extinguishing work continues.


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