February 25, 2024

Winter storm in North America – 811 thousand families without electricity in the United States of America – News

  • In the eastern United States, about 811,000 families and businesses lost power due to a winter storm.
  • According to the Poweroutage platform on Tuesday, New York and Pennsylvania are the most affected, with the number of power outages in each of them reaching 182,000.
  • The storm also caused 127,000 power outages in New Jersey.

According to the Accuweather Weather Service, the storm will affect much of the country east of the Mississippi River. It is moving towards the northeastern United States.

Snow storms in the west, tornadoes in the south, rain with a risk of flooding in the east: Large parts of the United States are currently being hit by storms, according to US media and authorities. The New York Times wrote on Tuesday evening that at least four people had died due to the weather.

American media reported freezing temperatures and large amounts of snow, which led to traffic stopping in many places. Television images show the extent of the large hailstones causing damage, in some cases tearing off roofs of houses.

Weather disturbance at least until Friday

Extreme cold snaps have paralyzed large parts of the United States in recent winters. In February 2021, millions of people in Texas and other US states were without electricity, water and heat for days. In December 2022, extreme cold caused widespread outages in electricity and natural gas networks across much of the East.

According to the US National Weather Service, the weather disturbances will continue until at least Friday. Snow storms on the West Coast of the United States will likely move inland and bring extremely low temperatures with them. The Meteorological Service expected strong storms to hit the state of New England, located on the east coast, on Wednesday.

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