“Tether!” This is how the people of Zurich think about urban e-scooters

E-scooters are heating up the air in Paris (F). Because they also get in the way in this country or end up in the water, stricter rules are required.

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Nau.ch – Zurich street survey about e-scooter ban in Paris.

The basics in brief

  • The French capital bans e-scooters, in Switzerland opinions are divided.
  • Some see e-scooters as a cheaper alternative to the car.
  • Others call for better restrictions and rules for their use.

The Parisians have had enough! On Sunday, 89 percent of citizens voted in favor of banning e-scooters. The reason: They often cause messes and accidents.

In Switzerland, the e-scooter is now a popular mode of transportation. But opinions about this also differ in this country, according to a Nau.ch road survey.

“They don’t bother me,” Jörg from Zurich tells Nau.ch. However, he is amazed: «You can rent bicycles very well. In contrast, I see e-scooters as very dangerous.”

E-scooter ‘wrong device’

Jörg lives in Cologne (D), where there are many accidents due to e-scooters. He thinks: “There is a lot of drunk driving.” Otherwise, Jörg has nothing wrong with electric mobility — for him, an e-scooter is simply “the wrong device.”

Jörg is somewhat critical of the ban on e-scooter rental: “You can’t and shouldn’t ban anyone.” But the rental companies are a problem for him, “they can’t clean the e-scooters.”

Danger to motorists

It is a temporary solution to go to work. I think the ban would be excessive.”

Niklas sees it differently: “I think it’s awful to see some e-scooters on the lake. They’re parked everywhere, and sometimes they’re in the way.” But he was in favor of simply renting them out to tourists in some places.

Demand better rules

“But the concept that e-scooters should take cars off the road didn’t materialize.” “I am totally in favor of restricting them,” Niklas explains. It should be used wisely and there should be better rules for it.”

opinion poll

Should there be a ban on e-scooter rental in Switzerland, as planned in Paris?

For example, the city of Wetzikon ZH once again dispensed with the e-scooter after an eight-month trial phase – also due to complaints.

“Most of the negative reports concern vehicles parked incorrectly or in a vandal manner on public or private land,” explains Mayor Pascal Basso to Nau.ch. Therefore, new no-parking areas were created more often. In addition, the show was met with little interest, the city wrote in a statement.

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