Auto-tuners met Friday in Bremgarten

Again and again, car enthusiasts meet illegally at rest stops and car parks in Switzerland. The police often show up, check cars, and hand out buses. About 150 tuning enthusiasts met their cars at Bremgarten AG on Friday evening. But here everything was in order, and the police never came.

Reason: It was an organized and legal meeting. It’s a place to meet and talk about the car and show off what’s new in it.

Because: “Everything was agreed upon,” Aaron explains. The organizers have been in contact with the company that owns the space and have obtained permission to use it. During the week, the police were also informed that they knew what was going on and where. “So far, there have been no problems and cooperation with the police is good,” he added.

This is certainly also due to the rules set by the organizers and clearly communicated to them upon arrival. It is forbidden to rev the engine and drive too fast. Anyone who breaks the rules will be warned first and blacklisted for a second offence. “Then he will refuse at the next meeting,” Aaron explains.

At the meeting at Bremgarten AG, everyone followed the rules. The only time they drove fast was in the go-kart race.

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