July 14, 2024

The verdict is now available as a remastered version

The verdict is now available as a remastered version

Also now in the redesigned version for the following generic consoles. Source: Sega, Atlus

SEGA Judgment thriller and detective thriller and Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio now available for Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 5, and Google Stadia. The verdict, which already garnered critical acclaim when it was released on PlayStation 4 in 2019, has been redesigned for next-generation platforms and is the series’ first appearance on Xbox and Stadia. The new hardware features were used on all platforms, with the title sparkling with improved graphics at 60fps and shorter load times.

The reworked version of the dark crime thriller full of deadly secrets contains all bonus content already published, including drone components, healing items, decorative items for Yagami Detective, and more.

Referee Remastered-Trailer

In addition, the studio launched a website with a countdown to Judgment Day – this will take place on May 7th. In this digital event, players will then be provided with unofficial updates on Judgment. The site is available in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Japanese: http://ryu-ga-gotoku.com/20210507/

All about this

The referee comes from the team behind the Yakuza video game series. Players play Takayuki Yagami, the shameful attorney who is now being investigated as a militant private investigator, and they must uncover the secret behind a gruesome series of murders. Together with his partner, former Yakuza member Masaharu Kaito, Yagami has to work his way through the underground criminal territory of Kamurocho in order to uncover the truth – as painful as it may be.

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Now it’s up to players to take out their opponents in action-packed fights with elegant martial arts, to provide townspeople with help, advice and solve the case. Judgment focuses on investigative gameplay, tracking down suspects, and uncovering clues as Yagami walks the line of justice in a realm of corruption. With its dramatic storyline, cinematic battles and unforgettable characters, Judgment will keep any budding private investigator on alert.