High-end 2022: Monitor Audio presents the anniversary of the Concept 50 . speakers

Two happy occasions meet: The High End is finally happening again and Monitor Audio is celebrating its 50th anniversary. To celebrate, speaker professionals from England made their world premiere at the High End 2022: the prototype of the new Concept 50 keynote speaker was revealed at the show today! It is said to have the best five decades of onboard audio monitoring.

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Concept 50: The 50 Best Years of Audio Monitoring

perfect Loudspeakerr doesn’t exist, but Concept 50 comes close, Monitor Audio says. This is what I decided to do with the new speaker on the floor Focus on two characteristics: the perceived volume of a sound source and directivity. On the Concept 50, both are organized by a closely integrated set of mid-range tweeters and drives, known as “The Array,” as well as a couple of forcibly canceled bass drives.

“The Array” consists of a loudspeaker surrounded by six mid-range drivers in a circuit. All of these mid-range drivers are equipped with Monitor Audio’s RDT III diaphragm technology, and have a wide bandwidth that, according to the manufacturer, covers a significant portion of the frequency range of a classic amplifier. The transition between heights and mediums is smooth, and distortions are minimized. The amplifier itself also brings the best of Monitor Audio’s technology: it is said to be the most accurate amplifier with the widest frequency range in the company’s history.

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And what about dips? As mentioned, the audio monitor here relies on bass drivers that have been forcibly scrapped. The Concept 50’s speakers face each other. Unwanted vibrations are not transmitted to the housing, but are compensated directly by the twin. The pattern is clear: The Concept 50 audio projector prototype relies on minimal distortion at all frequencies.

The noble housing of the concept 50

The distinctive chassis for the driver alone gives the Concept 50 an unmistakable appearance. It should also consist of the best materials: the bass casing is made of metallic stone and acrylic, and the mid-woofer and tweeter are surrounded by a solid aluminum baffle. And all this is designed in accordance with the technical requirements of drivers. After all, they are the star of the Concept 50.

Production start date of the new flagship

The Concept 50 will be the new flagship of the Monitor Audio lineup. But the word “prototype” definitely made you slit your ears, didn’t it? Don’t let that bother you: Monitor Audio says the Concept 50 should go into production later this year. The new floor-hung speaker is more than just an idea from the manufacturer. However, we don’t know more details at the moment.

We’re excited to see how Monitor Audio’s Concept 50 prototype works on the high end. will keep you posted!

You can find Monitor Audio at High End 2022 in Atrium 4.1 on platform F131.

What do you think of the technology package that Monitor Audio has to offer out there? Do you like the eye-catching design? Tell us and the community in the comments!

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