February 25, 2024

The top match in the National League – Zug cannot be eliminated in Freiburg – Sports


The first of 4 goals for Zug

Lino Marchini after a 1-1 draw in a power play.

Keystone/Anthony Annex

  • EV Zug wins the first match in the National League away to Freiburg 4:3.
  • 6 of the 7 goals came in the middle third. The guests made up for the deficit three times.
  • You can find out all about the remaining matches from Tuesday's full round here.

The goals were already secured in the first match between Freiburg Goteron and Zug. After all, the two teams that had scored the most goals so far faced each other. Although the main and final thirds did not achieve these hopes, the middle period, in which 6 goals out of 7 were scored, made up for a lot.

Zug's winning goal came with 2.2 seconds left in the middle third, with a double victory. Mark Michaelis blocked a shot from the blue line that Reto Berra couldn't stop to make it 4-3. The Zug team had previously made up the deficit three times.

The train stays

The fact that EVZ started their comeback journey with full points is also due to the fact that Freiburg failed to capitalize on a penalty kick against Niko Gross in the final minutes. Berra made room for the sixth fielder with just seconds left on the power play. Shortly afterwards, Christophe Bertschi converted a penalty kick for his team.

Berra was the focus of attention at the start of the middle third when three goals were scored in the space of 1:07 minutes. After Lino Marchini's 1-1 equalizer, Marcus Sorensen responded immediately. Saanestadt's renewed lead was history again 23 seconds later. After a chipped pass into the attacking area, Berra came a step behind in an attempt to clear the ball, and Sven Leuenberger gratefully accepted the gift.

7 goals, 7 shots

Shortly before the halfway point of the match, Freiburg gained the advantage for the third time. Dominik Schlumpf was once again in the penalty area. But this time too, the guests had the right answer ready. Andreas Wengerle equalized 3-3 in a confusing situation in front of Bera's goal.

It wasn't just Zug, as four different players made it to the top scorers list. Three different players have also been successful in Freiburg. The first goal of the match came after only 31 seconds. Andrei Bykov caught a shot from the slot on Leonardo Genoni.

In the table, Zug reduced the gap with Freiburg to 4 points thanks to winning the chase duel. For Gutieron, it was a rare defeat on a strong stage. Out of the last 10 matches, we lost only two.

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