May 19, 2024

Citizens’ help needed: Hedgehog and mole census campaign – Science

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Archives – Observations of moles and hedgehogs from May 17 to May 27 can be reported via the Nabu-Naturgucker online platform. Photo: Ajami/T. doma/blickwinkle/dpa

Moles live underground, and hedgehogs are nocturnal. Knowing more about them is not that easy. Researchers rely on citizen help.

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Berlin (dpa). How many moles and hedgehogs are there in Germany and where do they live? In order to find out, citizens are asked to report discovered animals.

Observations can be reported via the Nabu-Naturgucker online platform from Friday (17 May) until 27 May. The aim is to gain insight into the actual distribution of animals, according to the German Horticultural Society 1866 (DGG).

This is all the more important because the hedgehog is now on the Red List’s early warning list. It is difficult for animals to find suitable habitat, especially in cities, due to road traffic, robotic lawn mowers and a lack of natural parks.

Germany-wide campaign

In many areas there are no specific numbers for moles either. Dead or injured mounds and animals should also be counted in the expedition, as declared by DGG 1822.

The counting campaign took place for the first time last year and will continue permanently, once in the spring and once in the fall. “In this way, long-term population trends and distribution areas must be documented and evaluated,” DGG 1866 explained. The results should also help improve species protection.

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The Germany-wide campaign is a joint project between the Nature Conservation Association of Germany (Nabo), the German Wildlife Foundation, the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research, DGG 1822 and the State Society for the Conservation of Birds and Nature in Bavaria.

Naboo for the counting campaign

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