April 25, 2024

The Swiss (31) drowned a Lamborghini in an Austrian lake

The Swiss (31) drowned a Lamborghini in an Austrian lake

A Lamborghini was recovered from Mondzi in Austria on Tuesday evening. Previously, a Swiss mistook the pedal and sank his luxury car.

The basics in brief

  • A Swiss man drove his Lamborghini into a lake in Austria on Tuesday.
  • The 31-year-old managed to free himself in time and return to the beach.
  • Then the fire brigade carried out a complex rescue operation of the car.

Tuesday evening fire department In Enerschwand (Austria) I reported having a car in Mondsee. Before that, he was his swiss Lamborghini sunk in upper Austria lake.

Enables the driver to leave the car in time

Around 8:50 pm, the 31-year-old parked his Lamborghini in a parking lot in the Unternach municipality. There the passenger got off the car, police say. After that, the Swiss was said to have mixed up the brake pedal and fuel, thus rolling his car into Lake Mondsee.

The driver managed to free himself from the car on his own and independently returned to the bank. There the passenger who got off the car gave first aid and called 911. The Swiss man was then taken to hospital with unspecified injuries.

Fire service divers, mountain balloons and trailers in action

The fire department In the meantime to the rescue A valuable sports car. The vehicle was recovered from Mondsee along with five divers from the fire service, a mountain balloon and a tow truck. About 15 meters away from the bank, the sports car was about five meters under water sank.

The incident was reported to the state police headquarters Twitter It also shows a bit of humor. Regarding the Lamborghini image, I wrote that the Swiss must be newer James Bond want to recommend. Unfortunately, his attempt backfired.

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