June 16, 2024

The new 'Monkey Island' is here - and Ron Gilbert is still on it

The new ‘Monkey Island’ is here – and Ron Gilbert is still on it

The new “Monkey Island” is here.


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Julia Janachek / watson.de

While one part of the world is talking about political infighting, deceased kings, heating and electricity costs, another group of people, namely players, has been talking about monkeys, pirates, and the mystery of the island for the past couple of days.

What is the reason for that? She has finally returned to Monkey Island. The much-anticipated release of the long-awaited “Return to Monkey Island” adventure Part VI, “Return to Monkey Island”, was released on September 19. In keeping with creator Ron Gilbert’s sense of humor, this happened just in time for International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Har!

On the 1st of April of this year, Ron Gilbert played with the emotions of the fans and announced a new match. Many interpreted the statement due to the date as an April Fools’ joke. But only a few days later, a sensation followed. Gilbert announced about Articles Angry players:

“I felt bad about the April Fools’ joke, so I set up a match for the weekend so no one would be disappointed.”

And he added another one, he already had the first Trailers Spread. For 13 years, fans have missed our goofy pirate friend Guybrush Threepwood. The fact that Gilbert himself would be working on a new game after the first two parts made a bigger sense than the sequel itself – Watson’s test now shows how much of the new game can really be kept.

The trailer for the new chapter of “Monkey Island” has fueled high expectations.video: YouTube / Devolver Digital

‘Monkey Island’: The hype and expectations are huge

As a “Monkey Island” fan from the start, it was only natural that I got the latest sequel as well. The expectation was at the same level of tension: Can Gilbert do it again? Can he follow in his giant footsteps or will he push the legend of “Monkey Island” over the cliff, that is, the plank, with another sequel?

The expectations of fans for the new part were high at long last: “Monkey Island”, the first part of which “The Secret of Monkey Island” was published in 1990, inspired the player’s scene from the beginning and accompanied many from a young age. or youths. Reactions on social media have been delightful in return, with players sharing their joy, excitement and sometimes feeling like they are back in their childhood.

However, what previously caused a lot of annoyance among many fans was the change in the graphics of the game. The figures and scenes look more angular this time, but are rather drawn and almost expressive. Gilbert even had to shut down his comment columns due to the amount of hate speech about graphic design. As is known, one can argue about the taste and I must say: I still love the brightly colored and lovingly designed graphics of “Monkey Island”, even in a fresh look.

What can ‘Return to Monkey Island’ really do?

But how is “Back to Monkey Island”? First impression: I still have Ron Gilbert.

The puzzles in the new part of “Monkey Island” are original and are a proper mix of challenging but not too difficult. The dialogues are again delicious in their absurdity: in the usual way, like Guybrush, you can get on the nerves of all the islanders and ask stupid questions.

As fans love the series

Fans also love “Monkey Island” because of its silly characters and funny dialogues.

Presented the series “Return to Monkey Island” with his fans. The plot follows the second part. At the beginning of the game, you control two villains, one of whom is the son of Guybrush Threepwood. The father tells him the story of how he finally revealed the secret of Monkey Island.

Right at the beginning of the game, to the delight of old fans, all kinds of well-known and beloved characters appear once again.

Also in the new “Monkey Island” all kinds of things must be found and stolen. So it didn’t take long before the old saying: “Behind you, a three-headed monkey!” He appears. With Guybrush’s firm intent, of course, to put things back after use. But as the game progresses, our hero will learn that good intentions alone are not enough, and this will cause him difficulties.

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Happy meeting with the old pirates of “Monkey Island”

At the beginning of the game, to the delight of old fans, all kinds of well-known and beloved characters appear again: Eileen, the great love of Joybrush Thripwood, who is on a mission to sell lemons for scurvy and does a lot of marketing for it. There’s also an encounter with the charming and mysterious lady of witchcraft and boring salesman, Stan S Stanman, who is captured by Ron Gilbert. Twitter The pre-order for the game has already been announced:

Of course, also appears the terrible ghost pirate LeChuck, the enemy of Guybrush, who unfortunately once again has the same plan as a would-be pirate: this time the mystery of Monkey Island must finally be solved. Unfortunately, unlike his opponent, Guybrush has neither a ship nor a crew. But he did not let such misfortunes stop him.

This is not the only challenge that awaits our pirates in Return to Monkey Island. It is known that there are new, ruthless pirate bosses who follow black magic, which is currently on the rise.

What’s new in “Return to Monkey Island”?

Despite all the nostalgia and memories of the old “Monkey Island”, there are also innovations in the sequel. On the other hand, you can play the game not only on PC, but also on nintendo Turn on the switch console. At first I had concerns about how the controls would be implemented, but the process is great.

New ‘Monkey Island’ is also available for the Nintendo Switch.Photo: lucasfilms

Also new is that you can adjust the difficulty level. So you could theoretically play the game twice, the second time with more complex puzzles.

This time the developers have also installed an in-game hint book. This can be called easily and quickly if you don’t know what to do at some point. The nice thing about it is that the full solution is not revealed immediately, but subtle hints are given so that you can discover it for yourself.

Despite their fan base, the creators of Monkey Island don’t forget about new players either. For those, there’s the Guybrush scrapbook, a sketchbook in which the pirate guides himself through his memories of adventures and characters from previous games.

What is also notable: in the sixth part, there are not many possibilities to change meaningless things with each other. So you can no longer combine your own inventory with all kinds of items around you and collect sarcastic and funny sayings from Guybrush. Instead, you can immediately see which group is working and which is not. This innovation may be a loss for some fans, I find it nice that the game progresses a bit more quickly and doesn’t deteriorate.

Conclusion on “Return to Monkey Island”

“Return to Monkey Island” is a worthy successor to the cult game and will allow many players to forget the world out there for a few hours in beautiful and perhaps slightly sad moments. Only Guybrush and its creator Ron Gilbert know if there will be another adventure.