December 8, 2023

The meaning behind the toxic phenomenon

About the origin and meaning of the term that refers to differences in communication between men and women.

“Mr. Vice President, I’m speaking now. I’m speaking now.” Kamala Harris put then US Vice President Mike Pence in his place in a television debate about the 2020 presidential elections in the United States than he had before. I fell into the floor He was. Harris has held this position herself since the beginning of 2021 and was named under the hashtag #I’m speaking She celebrated on social media with her reprimand.

What’s called “Boycott” He appears Problematic communication behaviorWhich, according to studies, occurs especially in men.

“Mansplaining” as a pioneer in creating words

The forerunner of the portmanteau was the term “mansplaining”, which consists of the English words “Man” and “Explaining”. Refers to statements made by men who generally assume that they know the topic of conversation better than their counterparts (usually).

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A collection of essays by American writer Rebecca Sonnett from 2008 served as the basis for the new word. Solnit wrote the article “Men Explain Things to Me” after she was interrupted by a man who asked her questions at an event hers He wanted to explain the book – not knowing that she was the author herself. Although Sonnett did not invent the term “mansplaining,” a LiveJournal commenter mentioned it while publishing her article. Columbia Journalism Reports.

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But would you say in general that men in particular often interrupt women? After all, women also interrupt communication partners.

Let’s take a quick look at what science says about the relationship studies He learns more.

Studies show that men interrupt women more often

Like this one “telegraph” According to an American study, women are more likely to be interrupted in job interviews than men. This means that female applicants have fewer opportunities to sell their skills well.

In one More study It has been proven that men are three times more likely to interrupt women than they are to interrupt another man. Research suggests that men in meetings often speak in a dominant manner intended to silence almost everyone else in the room — unlike women.

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Obviously, phenomena such as “interruption” should not be generalized, but studies nevertheless indicate that when comparing women and men, the latter are more likely to interrupt their conversation partners than females. Not only more often, but also less friendly. Differences in socialization may be one of the reasons for growing up Dominance of male discourse He is. But according to studies, women are also more likely to interrupt other women than men in a conversation like this “South Germany” mentioned.

What to do if the conversation is interrupted?

Both men and women must work on controlling the urge to control the floor. If you are interrupted mid-sentence, you can use the following tips, for example:

  • Simple in a specific way Keep talking Therefore, it does not allow interruption to be implemented.
  • the Make the other person aware of thisWith words like “Please let me finish” or “You just interrupted me, I’m not finished yet!”
  • The other is after the private conversation Solving the problem.
  • Communications training Entire courses help raise awareness about “insult” in teams.
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