June 21, 2024

The Federal Council does not want a ban on the distribution of Russian state media

The Federal Council adopts further EU sanctions against Russia, as decided at an extraordinary meeting on Friday. However, the state government wants nothing to do with the ban on distribution of Russian state media.

The European Union had already banned the distribution of Russian state media at all levels – including cable, satellite, websites or apps – at the beginning of March. Subsidiaries of “RT” (formerly known as “Russia Today”), for example in German or French, have also been affected. The ban will be implemented by media regulators in EU countries.

Distribution of Russian state broadcasters RT and Sputnik is not prohibited in Switzerland. (Photo: Keystone)

The Federal Council has now decided not to implement the measure, it was announced. “Even if these channels are tools of targeted propaganda and disinformation by the Russian Federation, the Federal Council believes that it is more effective to confront incorrect and harmful statements with facts than to ban them.”

In principle, the Federal Council decided that Switzerland should take over all sanctions against Russia. However, the state government wants to take a closer look at each acquisition. Media bans in general are a serious interference with freedom of expression and the media.

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