June 22, 2024

Austrian OMV does not want to pay for gas in rubles despite Putin's order

Austrian OMV does not want to pay for gas in rubles despite Putin’s order

Russian President Vladimir Putin accepts only rubles as payment for his gas to Europe. The Austrian power group OMV resists.

The basics in brief

  • Russia wants to sell its gas for only rubles.
  • Austrian energy group OMV does not want to switch to currency.
  • “I shouldn’t do anything like that,” said Alfred Stern, president of OMV.

Austrian energy group OMV wants its payments for Russian gas against the president’s wishes Vladimir Putin Not at the moment euro Switching to rubles.

“I shouldn’t be allowed to do such a thing,” OMV chief Alfred Stern told Puls 24 television on Wednesday. According to the contract, the invoices are there euro to settle. So far, the Russian side has not done Because of this OMV approached.

Putin denied on Wednesday Government In, there are no payments in dollar or euro to accept more. The head of the Kremlin stressed in a video conference that deliveries will continue to be fully guaranteed Government.

Eighty percent of the natural gas used in Austria comes from Russia. Partially state-owned OMV imports gas from the Russian Gas Company Gazprom.

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