February 25, 2024

The country is plagued by rats

A veritable plague of rats is said to be plaguing the United Kingdom at present. This is not the first time rats have caused problems.

There is now a veritable rat plague in Great Britain. As the British newspaper “Daily Mail” writes, cold weather and flooding have reportedly driven animals indoors. Late garbage collection after the Christmas holidays is also said to have contributed to the outbreak.

The British Pest Control Association (PBCA) reports that requests for rat control have increased by 115 per cent in the last 90 days. According to the Daily Mail, there are approximately 250 million rats living in the United Kingdom.

This was not the first plague in England

“Winter sees an increase in rat infestations as mice and rats seek warm, dry shelter with a food source,” BPCA technical director Natalie Bunge told the Daily Mail.

Rats are dangerous because they reproduce quickly and spread diseases, including to humans. This includes serious diseases like cholera. As “Planet Wissen” writes, rats are considered very clean animals.

This is not the first rat invasion in the UK. In September last year, a large outbreak of plague was reported across the country. At that time, the cause of the plague was found to be a strike by garbage collectors. Pest controller Paul Blackhurst told the Daily Mail at the time, “Rat poison resistant super rats”.