July 17, 2024

Play Early – All About Releases and Downloads

Play Early – All About Releases and Downloads

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EA Sports FC 24 is just around the corner and you can get started early with the beta. We tell you all about the release and how you can be a part of the beta.

VANCOUVER – EA Sports FC 24 in front of everyone – it should be every FIFA fan’s dream. With the game’s beta, that’s possible, and you’ll be able to access the game in a few days. This requires you to apply for beta and do some settings. We show you how you can join EA Sports FC 24’s beta.

The name of the game EA Sports FC
Publication (date of first publication) September 29, 2023
Publishers Electronic Arts
Cont EA Sports FC (formerly FIFA)
sites PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Google Stadia
Developer EA Games
Type Football simulation

EA Sports FC 24: Play Beta – How to get early access

This is the EA Sports FC beta: In each of EA’s recent FIFA installments, select players have been able to participate early on via beta. So you can gamble before all other players and get a glimpse of the game. That is possible in EA Sports FC 24. However, participation is low and not every applicant is selected.

Here’s how you can join the beta: Participation in the beta is subject to a selection process. You can basically apply for beta points and EA will contact you if you are selected. However, you need to complete a few steps first:

  • Visit EA page Around your profile settings
  • scroll there”about me“in”Regional organizationsClick on ‘ and ‘Edit
  • There select “Country/Region“one”United Kingdom” or “AmericaOff – Beta only applies to accounts in these countries
  • Select Language”English“Out
  • go now”Email Preferences” Allows EA to send you email
  • There you can also select your preferred platform where you want to play EA Sports FC 24 and select all FIFA components in your preferences.
  • That’s it – now you can trust that EA will select you for the beta

Getting into the beta by mail is important. That’s why it’s also necessary to give EA permission to send you emails. So, check your spam folder regularly to see if you have received any emails from EA.

EA Sports FC: How chemistry between men and women works © EA Sports

EA Sports FC 24: All About the Beta – Release, Download and Participate

When is the EA Sports FC 24 beta running? There is no exact start date for this yet. But if you look at the beta start dates for previous FIFA parts, a clearer picture emerges. So far, the beta always starts on August 10th. Most recently on August 11 (FIFA 23) and August 12 (FIFA 22). So it’s conceivable that the beta will run around the same time this year as well.

The beta can always be played until early September. So we are expecting that too from 1.-2 in EA Sports FC. Playable in September.

Looking for more details on the new features coming to EA Sports FC 24? Then check it out here: EA Sports FC 24 Turns the Career System Left – Differences to FIFA 23 at a Glance

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