September 30, 2023

Ten Years, Ten Facts: Happy Birthday, Prince George

Prince George is already preparing for his big role today – as Guardian of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth of Nations. But first, Prince Charming can celebrate his 10th birthday.

In addition to mathematics and history, ballet and drama are also on the schedule: George Alexander Louis of Cambridge – the prince’s full name – still has to go to school for a few more years.

The eldest son of Prince William and Duchess Catherine is still seen as a beacon of hope by many royal fans. Many Britons would like to see their “Prince Charming” on the throne someday.

But George can still allow himself some time. Today he celebrates his 10th birthday – here are ten facts about the little guy.

1. Sensation

Prince George was born on July 22, 2013. The king’s life began with a bang: for only the second time three generations in direct succession to the throne were alive at the same time. The first time this happened was at the end of Queen Victoria’s reign between 1894 and 1901.

2. Business

The royal family contributes millions of pounds to the British treasury every year. Prince George also contributes a lot. In just the first two months after his birth, it was said that 347 million euros were taken, like that Al-Alam newspaper He writes. This was due to an increase in retail sales of George’s souvenirs.

3. The All-Knowing

George knew from his seventh birthday that he would one day ascend the throne. Royal biographer Robert Lacey writes in his book The Battle of the Brothers that his parents did not want this knowledge to burden him too much. However, the prince is increasingly participating in royal events. At the coronation of his grandfather, King Charles, he was used as an honorary godfather.

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4. A pasta lover

Prince William is said to have conquered Kate Middleton’s heart with home-cooked dishes like spaghetti bolognese when he was a student. It appears he inherited his fondness for pasta from his eldest son. celebrity chef Aldo Zelliwho was allowed to cook for the British royal family, learned from William what George’s favorite dish was: spaghetti carbonara.

5. The Magician

Not only does the little prince love to eat, but he and his two brothers, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, often help him in the kitchen. Much to the delight of her mother Katherine: “The other day they made cheese spaetzle. One stirs flour and puts milk and butter in. And they make salads and stuff.”

6. The dancer

If you want to eat well, you must also exercise. That is why George’s compulsory subjects in school include not only mathematics and history, but also acting and ballet. A passion he may have inherited from his grandmother, Princess Diana, who died in 1997. “George loves to dance,” Prince William revealed some time ago. “My mom always danced too. She loved it.”

7. Helicopter propeller

Like many teenage boys, George loved to cheer loudly on the soccer and tennis courts. The royal offspring is also fascinated by planes and helicopters. No wonder, because he has a role model in the family: his father is a trained helicopter pilot.

8. Fashion designer

George always attracts attention with his good looks. As a baby, he was so elegantly dressed by his mother that he became a trendsetter in children’s fashion. In 2015, The Little Prince reached No. 49 “Britain’s 50 Best Dressed Men”– GQ List.

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9. Benefactor

A year ago, George ran a bake sale to support the animal rights organization Tusk. “Prince raised money for us during the lockdown,” Tusk’s CEO wrote. Charlie Mayhew on Instagram. He also wrote a “very cute card” that clearly expressed his interest in the wildlife of Africa.

10. Nickname

The late Queen Elizabeth II was Regent of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth of Nations. For Prince George, she was first and foremost his great-grandmother. So it’s no wonder the boy didn’t address her by her nickname. On Her Majesty The Queen’s 90th birthday, Duchess Catherine revealed the pet name her eldest son gave his great-grandmother: “He calls her ‘Jean-Jean’.”

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