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New season, same result: Sofia Jogia is unbeatable on the slopes. At Lake Louise, the Italian picked up where she left the World Cup (speed) after injuring her knee at the end of January and celebrated her fifth win in a row. In the two successes of Lara Gut Bahrami at the end of last winter, Jogja was not initially due to her injury.

In Canada, the 29-year-old downhill World Cup winner has dominated the competition as he pleases. I squatted as the others had long been standing half erect on the skates. She drove on a train where the others only drifted in curves. Goggia was at least three-tenths faster than the rest in each of the five divisions, with one exception.

The score on the scoreboard was impressive: With a 1.47-second victory over second-placed American Brize Johnson, Jogja was as far out of the competition as any other downhill World Cup winner since February 6, 2016 and Lindsay’s success. von Fabian Suter in Garmisch; The Americans ran out 1.51 seconds on Schweizeren.

Shot ‘without speed’, but still the fifth

Goggia was simply moving in a different field. It was at a level that Swiss speed queens Corinne Sutter and Lara Gutt Bahrami could not achieve in their current situation. World champion Sutter was noticeably deficient in training after bruising to the bones on the leg plateau at the end of September. Schwyzerin’s team seemed to be discouraged, and the lack of training sessions in the fall led to a turbulent run at Lake Louise. “I lacked basic speed. “I didn’t really drive from top to bottom,” Sutter told SRF.

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With these circumstances in mind, fifth place is in itself a great result. But Sutter lost two full seconds to Jogja and nearly five-tenths to third-placed Austrian Miriam Buechner. This time she was far from the podium she achieved in four of the seven World Cup rounds last winter.

Gut Bahrami is still behind Nofer

Lara Gut Bahrami lost from the start due to her poor health. Literally: at first, she briefly lost the grip of the left stick of her hand. So the ride wasn’t a lucky star – just like the whole approach to this race. Gut-Behrami has had a persistent cold for weeks. Without any power, she lost 2.74 seconds in Goggia to the finish. Gut-Behrami was completely behind on the slope two years ago (2.60secs) — also at Lake Louise. In 17th place, she finished three places behind teammate Prisca Neufer.

After that, Gott Bahrami only searched for the reasons for her poor result during her trip. “It was difficult with the rapidly changing conditions. I didn’t explain it well and it just wasn’t optimal for me. This has nothing to do with health.”

So Sutter without speed and damper, Jute Bahrami beside the line and exhausted: thus Jasmine Fleury caused a positive surprise from a Swiss point of view. The 28-year-old from Graubünden finished ninth and reached the top ten for the 15th time at the World Cup. Flury was already the Swiss No. 3 in the downhill last season with two top ten positions.

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