FIFA World Cup Sweden – Twelve goals in the semi-finals: Swiss women celebrate peat festival

  • The Swiss soccer players are clearly living up to their role as favorites in the World Cup quarter-finals in Uppsala.
  • The national team celebrated the Peat Festival with a 12-1 victory over Slovakia and reached the semi-finals.
  • Already on Saturday there will be a duel against the two teams and the hosts from Sweden.

In the World Cup quarter-finals, Switzerland once again gained a lot of self-confidence. Against Slovakia – after all number 5 in the world rankings, Switzerland finished second – Rolf Kern’s team won easily 12:1 on Friday night.

The team can really use that self-confidence. The semi-final match against Sweden is already on the program on Saturday afternoon (3:45pm, live on SRF Zwei). The contenders are the favorites for the gold medal: since 2007 the title has been the Swedes.

Textbook counterattack

Switzerland led the quarter-finals on track early on. I easily got chances and went 2-0 up with one and two punches. In the eighth minute, Natalie Speicheriger opened the score, and after about a minute and a half Michelle Wiki increased after a textbook counterattack.


just cheers

The Swiss is here with Florina Marti, he scored many goals.


As a result, luck was also on the side of the Swiss team. In the 13th minute, the Slovaks missed a penalty kick on the crossbar, and shortly afterwards Corin Rotteman hit a fierce shot to make it 3-0 (15).

The goalkeeper fights tears

In the middle third, the Swiss were at their best. After all assists from Julia Sutter, Rottemann met then Florina Marti again until the 26th minute to make the score 5-0.

1:5 from a superb direct shot was the only ray of hope for Slovakia, before the starting team increased to 8:1 in the second half.

Then the unenviable Slovak goalkeeper Radka Mladenkova was replaced. She resisted tears, though she cannot be blamed for the many goals conceded. Switzerland played simply too well.

Rüttimann with the third gate

In the end, Switzerland approached the matter more comfortably, but continued to reach the double-digit range. Isabelle Gehrig, 17, Anya Weiss, Rottemann and once again Gehrig with their third goals each cranked the score to 12:1. With this sovereign result behind them, Switzerland could confidently begin their tough semi-final match against Sweden.

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