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Pickleball is Steffi Graf’s new favorite sport. Photo: imago / eventpress

A mix of badminton, tennis and table tennis – and Steffi Graf loves it: Pickleball is currently experiencing a buzz in the USA. What makes the sport of ball so special?

Pickleball is getting all the hype in the States. The new ball sport is a mixture of badminton, tennis and table tennis and is also very popular with many stars. In an interview with the magazine “Gala” Former tennis star Stevie Graf (52) can barely get out of his excitement about it. “It’s easy and quick to learn. Even our daughter, who is athletic but not into ball sports, loves pickle ball very much.”

Pickleball has been a great compensation for Comte and her husband Andre Agassi, 51, during the coronavirus pandemic — and “much easier if the body pinches,” the 52-year-old said. But how does the new trend of sports work?

Equipment and structure

First of all, equipment is important. You need special pickled paddles and balls with holes, a net and a field marker. Consumers can find everything on the Internet. Kits are available from around 75 euros.

The size of the playing field should be 6.10 x 13.40 metres. This roughly corresponds to the dimensions of a badminton court. The signs are similar to those on a tennis court. The net is extended in the middle of the zone – at the edge it is 91 cm high, and in the middle is 86 cm high.

This is how it is played

Pickle Ball Feature: It can be played in singles as well as in doubles. The transmission is made diagonally from the right. The ball is played in the air but below hip height. The return is hit back to the corresponding field after the first contact with the ground. The same applies to the blow after the return. Since then, free play is allowed.

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With the pickle ball, only the serving side can score. There is one point per march. This is won if: the ball hits the opposite side more than once, the opponent plays it or the opponent hits the ball into the net. The service area is changed after each point. The other party must attempt to obtain the right to the service. Whoever scores eleven points first wins the round. A difference of two points should be noted. So, if the score is 10:10, the game goes to 12, if the score is from 11:11 to 13, and so on.

Pickle ball requires skill, but it also requires quick reflexes. The body is challenged in terms of stamina, but not as in real tennis. Players also burn a lot of calories. Perhaps the biggest plus point is the fun while playing, which is especially good for your mental health.

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