October 3, 2023

Sports Day: It’s so close: England have strange fears ahead of the World Cup final

sports Day
It will be too soon: England have strange fears ahead of the World Cup final

Concern is growing in England about a World Cup final without pubs and beer: When the England women’s national team meet opponents from Spain in the final in Sydney, Australia on Sunday, it will only be 11am (12pm CEST) in the UK. Many bars are not allowed to open this early, let alone serve alcoholic beverages.

Therefore, the British Pub and Beer Association requested a special opening from 10 am. However, changing opening times across the country requires Parliament’s approval – this is currently in the summer recess. Each pub can apply for a special permit individually, but the deadline for this has already passed.

In a letter to council members, the minister responsible for local authorities, Michael Gove, asked that the approval process be speeded up. In addition, the UK Home Office has asked local chiefs of police to work with city councils to ensure as many pubs as possible can open.

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