May 21, 2024

Space travel: An American company wants to create the first commercial landing on the moon – Entertainment

“Odysseus” is expected to land in the southern region of the moon in a crater called “Malabert A.” After a potentially successful landing, the vehicle will be operational for about seven days, according to its manufacturers.

However, landing on the moon is technically very difficult and often goes wrong. This year alone, two planned flights ended differently than hoped: Astrobotic, an American company based in Pittsburgh, launched the Peregrine capsule in January. Shortly after takeoff, problems occurred due to a malfunction in the propulsion system. Engineers were able to stabilize the capsule temporarily, but the goal of landing on the moon had to be abandoned. A few days later, “Al-Shaheen” burned up in the Earth's atmosphere.

Shortly thereafter, the Japanese space agency JAXA's SLIM (Lunar Exploration Intelligent Lander) lander softly touched down on the lunar surface, but initially encountered problems with its power supply. SLIM was unable to start working until after a power outage that lasted for several days. This makes Japan the fifth country – after the United States, Russia, China and India – to successfully land on the moon without a pilot. Last April, a Japanese company with a similar mission failed. Shortly after Hakuto-R was scheduled to land on the moon, iSpace was no longer receiving any data from the lander. The company assumes that he fell to the surface of the moon in free fall. The reason you gave is incorrect height calculation.