April 21, 2024

Sony still has an ace up its sleeve

It doesn't look like Sony is just working on hardware with the PS5 Pro. According to insider reports, the AI ​​upgrade will be used exclusively on the PS5 Pro, which could give game performance a major boost.

Insiders say: PS5 Pro supports AI upgrade

The PS5 Pro is almost in the early stages – at least that's what rumors and some analysts say. Sony has yet to set a release date, let alone confirm it's working on one PS5 Pro He works.

YouTuber and hardware insider Moore's Law Is Dead revealed other exciting information about the PS5 Pro in his podcast with NXGamer. The two assume that Sony doesn't just want to upgrade the hardware in order to increase the resolution and frame rate of games on the PS5 Pro. According to their information, Sony is working on an internal phone behind closed doors The upgrade solution is powered by AI algorithms. This seems reasonable. After all, Sony filed a patent application for similar technology in January 2019 (Source: WIPO).

You can listen to the relevant section in the podcast here:

What does upgrading AI bring?

Using this graphics technology, Sony will be able to display games on PS5 natively at lower resolutions, which could ensure better performance. Alternatively, technology can also be used to further increase accuracy.

For example, a game that only runs at WQHD resolution on the regular PS5 can be viewed at 4K resolution on the PS5 Pro. Under certain circumstances, artificial intelligence can also be upgraded Doing both jobs at the same timethat is, increasing both resolution and frame rate.

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Nvidia also offers a similar solution for owners of their RTX graphics cards. We explain how it works – and how much it does for you – in the video:

More graphics performance for free?  This is DLSS – Technical Facts

This technology could very well be the right thing, especially for the upcoming GTA 6 – because it currently appears that Rockstar's upcoming mega-hit will only run at 30 frames per second on current-gen consoles. With a bit of luck, Sony has managed to do just that with the PS5 Pro and its AI upgrade tool 60 fps mark broke down.

There is currently a PS5 Pro release in the second half of 2024 – possibly in the fall. As soon as new information becomes available, we will inform you of it.