December 11, 2023

Peloton Android app refers to the long-rumored rowing machine

Peloton Android app refers to the long-rumored rowing machine

Unpack the APK of the latest version of Peloton Android app, 9to5Google It found evidence that the company is preparing a rowing machine support program in the near future. The transfer found various snippets of code that mentioned a device with the code names “Caesar” and “Mazu”. The latter is a reference to a Chinese sea goddess. like the company stationary bikeThe rowing machine appears to have a “landscape tour” feature that shows waterways from around the world. And if all you want to do is paddle, that would be an option, too.

Another set of excerpts shows the four postures of proper rowing technique. The app says “This is where your session machine is”. “Sit upright on the rowing machine with your arms straight and your back straight. Your knees should be directly above your ankles.” Immerse yourself in the updated program, 9-5 I also found an icon that indicates that the app tracks metrics like average and cap rates.

The rowing machine is something rumored to have had a peloton for some time List of recent functions that the device reminds you of. We contacted Pelton to confirm this, but here we’ll jot down what we’re saying with all APK unpacks: The fact that an icon indicates a new version of the device doesn’t mean the company is continuing this work, or that a start is imminent.

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