February 23, 2024

Ski World Cup in Alleghe – Alex Viva climbs from the podium after receiving a yellow card – Sports

  • Alex Fiva comes third in the second World Cup cross-country skiing race in Alleghe (ITA), but was dropped back to fourth place due to illegal contact with a competitor in the final round.
  • The Swiss also missed the podium. Talina Gantenbein and Saskaga Lake come in sixth and seventh.

The Alex Viva and the Italian Dolomites seem to be a good fit. After finishing second on Friday, the Graubünden native also took the podium in third place on Saturday behind Rhys Howdin (CAN) and Florian Wilmsmann (GER). But the jury punished the veteran for an encounter in the final round. Viva touched Johannes Ojeski. He received a yellow card and returned to fourth place.

Disappointment also spread in the Swiss camp. Although 7 Swiss reached the elimination stage, 6 of them faltered at the first opportunity. Tobias Bohr, Sandro Löhner, Ryan Regis, Mark Bischofberger, Gil Martin and Alex Marrow all failed to make the round of 16.

Gantenbein and Lac in the small final

For the women, the semi-finals were the last stop for the Swiss women. Talina Gantenbein and Saskja Luck, who took the podium on Friday, only made it to the small final and finished in sixth and seventh place.

Fanny Smith had to do it After it fell, like the day before, it was confiscated. Margo Dumont, who started with a problem, also stopped her run shortly after starting. Sistine Cousin did not go beyond third place in the quarter-final qualifiers and was eliminated.

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The final game was in the hands of the Canadians. Marielle Thompson won ahead of Brittany Phelan, Hannah Schmidt was fourth, and only Marielle Berger Sabatelle (France) was able to break through the Canadian contingent in third.