May 22, 2024

Galaxy S25 Ultra rumours: Samsung is testing new camera technologies for the successor to the Galaxy S24 Ultra

We’re not quite sure what to think about these rumors, but we don’t want to keep them from you, especially since they seem pretty exciting. But caution is definitely advised here. First, he is a leaker The prototype is described using the X profile @ISAQUES81 It’s still a very early test device and doesn’t necessarily need to make the leap to mass production. Secondly, the “new leaker” has not noticed much activity yet. It is not currently possible to evaluate the reliability of the information.

Better main camera

According to the leak, Samsung wants a successor to the Galaxy S24 Ultra (here Available on Amazon) Finally changed more than its predecessors. In addition to the design changes that are not yet known in detail, a comprehensive camera upgrade is also apparently scheduled for 2025. The main camera will still have a 200-megapixel camera on the same sensor size, but with improved light sensitivity. Whether that means the ISOCELL HP2 will be replaced by a new 200-megapixel sensor, like the ISOCELL HP9, responsible for the Vivo

Dual telescope

In this Galaxy S25 Ultra prototype, Samsung appears to have ditched the relatively small 10MP 3x telephoto camera and instead relied on a new periscope camera with two different focal lengths and a larger sensor. According to the leaker, this is not a true optical zoom camera with a continuously variable focal length like in the soon-to-be-launched Sony Xperia 1 V or Xperia 1 VI. However, this new binocular unit should provide two different optical focal lengths. What these will ultimately be may not yet be determined. Samsung is currently testing a fixed focal length at 4-5x zoom and a fixed focal length at 6-7x zoom.

3x zoom is outdated

According to the leaker, Samsung wants to replace the missing 3x zoom selfie camera with a better main camera, which should be possible in theory thanks to the 200MP. The 12MP ultra-wide angle of the Galaxy S24 Ultra remains unchanged, at least this early stage. The leaker has According to their own statements Communicating with a Samsung insider from several angles, but as I said, the veracity of his information cannot currently be judged.