December 8, 2023

Sita domain: Russian airlines and airports lose their Internet addresses

IT services provider SITA continues to exclude Russia from services. Airports like Sheremetyevo and airlines like Pobeda are losing their Internet addresses.

SITA takes another step back from Russia. The IT service provider had already disconnected Russian Airlines from its communications system in September. As a result of the exclusion, they are no longer able to transmit data about their flights, passengers and baggage to international airports via the SITA system.

Now follow the next step. Sita also provides airlines with the .aero domain for Internet addresses. It is now depriving Russian companies of this, according to Izvestia newspaper. 30 airports and 15 airlines were affected.

Moscow airports were also affected

Airports include Moscow Sheremetyevo – the country’s largest airport – and Zhukovsky, as well as Kazan and Krasnoyarsk airports. The affected airlines include Pobeda, Azimut, Yimal, Icarus and Alrosa. According to the report, nearly 200 websites were registered under the .aero domain.

Airports and airlines told the newspaper that they are taking measures to move their websites to a new domain. According to the report, the shutdown was supposed to take place in November, but the Russian IT provider managed to delay it, according to a letter addressed to its customers. New addresses in Russia will not be registered under .aero. But customers will have a year to find a solution.

SITA has been around since 1949

SITA was created in 1949 with the idea of ​​airlines. The Swedish air carrier, Air France, BEA, Boac, British South American Airlines, Danish Det Danske Luftfartselskab, KLM, Norwegian Det Norske Luftfartselskap, Sabena, Swissair and TWA have established a joint venture. Their goal was to save costs by consolidating their communications networks.

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The result was the creation of the International Telecommunications Company Aéronautiques, or SITA. Today it is an IT company with 4,700 employees and 2,800 customers in more than 200 countries. Services include products for baggage tracking, check-in and boarding, cargo handling and, above all, communication between airports and airlines.