December 6, 2023

The camps were emptied of travellers, and hundreds were forced to leave their posts in Alsace


Camps were emptied of travelers, and hundreds were forced to leave their sites

This week, following a court ruling, a group of travelers – along with 170 caravans and 220 vehicles – were forced to dismantle their illegal camp. Now the travelers have settled on other properties.

Most travelers left their camp voluntarily.

Avatar: Boris Burghiser

A group of travelers illegally settled in the Euro Airport terminal and had to move on on Monday. As French authorities have now announced, the group, which includes 170 convoys and 220 vehicles, has moved to the parking lots of Novartis, Delpharm and Lanco France on La Chapelle Street in Honing.

After these companies filed a lawsuit on November 15, the Mulhouse District Court ordered the eviction on the same day. “The governor of the Haut-Rhin department was therefore forced to use public authority to put an end to the disturbances in public order and the damage to health, safety and tranquility that directly resulted from the illegal settlement in the parking lots,” she said. In the governor’s speech.

The search for solutions continues

The evacuation process began at 7:30 a.m. Friday. In addition to the department’s management personnel, military personnel were also deployed. According to the authorities, the operation “went smoothly as the majority of travelers left voluntarily during the night and then when law enforcement officers arrived.” At 1 p.m., there were no longer any mobile homes or vehicles in the parking lots.

Municipal parking spaces are currently full. For this reason and due to the large number of vehicles, travelers spread out across many private or municipal estates in the municipalities of St. Louis, Honing and Wittenheim. I’m talking about groups of 20 to 80 caravans. According to the authorities, these facilities are also illegal. The solution is not yet available. State authorities say they are in contact with elected representatives “to support them in finding alternative parking options.”

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