December 6, 2023

Weather: Snow over the weekend, then the snow line will rise


That’s why you should enjoy the snow this weekend

Starting Friday, the snowfall line will be on its way down, and on Saturday it could turn white at lower elevations. But the winter mood may not last long.


The snow line is on the way down heading into the weekend, but the winter mood won’t last long.

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  • There may be snow in the lowlands over the weekend.

  • On Sunday the snowfall line will rise significantly again.

  • The changing weather situation is also a concern for OC in the Matterhorn World Cup downhill race.

After a seemingly endless summer, autumn has definitely arrived in Switzerland: Friday starts off rainy and cloudy in many places. Conditions are constantly changing throughout the day Over the weekend you will become widely known.

This is due to disturbances coming from the west, which sometimes bring sunshine to Switzerland. In the evening it will be cloudy again and a cold front will bring showers. The front brings good news for all winter sports lovers and snow lovers.

This is how low the snow line is now

Because while The snowfall limit on Friday remains at 1,100 to 1,200 metres Above sea level, it will likely drop significantly on Saturday night – to 700 to 800 metres. This means that snow will fall almost exclusively on the lowlands at the beginning of the weekend.

But “variable westerly wind weather” will also continue Saturday, MeteoNews wrote in its blog. Depending on the region, the snowfall limit ranges between 700 and 1,000 metres, and strong winds keep temperatures low. Gusty winds can also occur in the mountains. Meteorologists assume that the former Men’s downhill skiing on the new ski race track in Zermatt It could happen, but the start won’t happen at the top.

With the arrival of a warm front in Switzerland on Sunday, snowfall thresholds will rise significantly again. While snow may continue to fall at lower elevations during the day due to rainfall brought by the front, the snowfall limit will rise to 1,500 meters on Sunday evening. In the west, warm air will likely cause snowfall thresholds to rise to more than 2,000 meters above sea level.

Winter mood doesn’t last long

If you want to enjoy the snow, you should Take advantage of every weekend opportunity before the white extravaganza begins Back to higher elevations: Continued dynamic weather conditions will bring significant amounts of rain from Monday, but snowfall levels are expected to rise to 3,000 meters by mid-week.

But maybe we won’t have to wait long for the next snowfall. Preliminary forecasts appear the next day Snow is falling again this weekend, including at lower elevations can achieve. Even then, computer model predictions could change dramatically.

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