May 21, 2024

Sean Murray celebrates his 1 percent popularity boost

From rags to riches – this is how one can describe the life of No Man's Sky, the open-world survival and action-adventure game from Hello Games. With the rocky start of 2016 and a number of subsequent free updates, No Man's Sky is in better shape today than ever before. Steam has now received more than 225,000 user reviews, 78 percent of which are positive. The short-term rating approval rating over the past 30 days is an impressive 93 percent.

Sean Murray also rejoices in small successes

Shortly before Easter, the approval rate was still at 77 percent, which founder and well-known face of Hello Games, Sean Murray, discussed on Twitter. There he used his 1% increase in popularity on Steam as an opportunity to celebrate it properly. Sean Murray stated that it took five years, until 2021, for No Man's Sky to receive a “mostly positive” mark, which is awarded with 70 percent approval.

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