Samsung launched a new service: repairing Galaxy smartphones by yourself should be easier

Samsung has announced a new service designed to make it easier for Galaxy owners to repair their smartphone themselves. Apparently, the focus is on the big competitor Apple, which has announced a very similar service for its iPhones. At the moment, it appears that the software is only available in the USA.

Samsung wants to make it easier for its users to repair Galaxy smartphones: as the group said in a press release announceWith the new service, users can now obtain tools, parts and instructions for repairs through the so-called Self-Repair Program.

For this one works with iFixit. This is a website that provides information on the best way to repair smartphones, laptops, and the like on your own. Since the connection only mentioned “Samsung Electronics USA” so far, it can be assumed that the service will only be available in the US, at least for now.

Apple also had a similar program last November with a “self-service fix.” announce.

Samsung Galaxy: Offer a fix at the moment only in the USA

Samsung wants to make it easier to repair Galaxy smartphones in collaboration with iFixit.
Samsung wants to make it easier to repair Galaxy smartphones in collaboration with iFixit.

Photo: iFixit

At the beginning of the program, only parts and manuals for the Galaxy S21, S20 and Tab 7 series will be presented. Surprisingly, the new Galaxy S22 flagship series is not included at the moment. However, it can be assumed that Samsung will expand the list of devices.

The spare parts available to get you started are the back of the device, the replacement screens, and the USB-C ports. The batteries are not listed, at least not in the message from Samsung. Here, too, the manufacturer writes that the list must be constantly expanded.

The new service will launch in the US in the summer of 2022. It remains unclear if and when other markets will also be able to take advantage of this.

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