July 16, 2024

Jubilee campaign: Queen Elizabeth II thanks her for planting trees

Jubilee campaign: Queen Elizabeth II thanks her for planting trees

jubilee campaign
Queen Elizabeth II Thanks for planting trees

Queen Elizabeth II is delighted to be actively involved in her campaign to plant trees.

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Almost a year after the Royal Agriculture call, there are over a million new trees in the UK. Queen Elizabeth II says thank you.

Queen Elizabeth II (95) thanks the Green Cover initiative for the trees planted as part of her Platinum Anniversary on the last day. The Saudi monarch was quoted as saying on the official Instagram channel of the British royal family: “I was deeply moved because so many community groups, schools, families and individuals have made their own contributions to the Green Canopy initiative.” She hopes that the Jubilee trees will grow and flourish for many years to come so that future generations can enjoy them.

Under the slogan “Plant a Tree for a Jubilee” (in English: “Plant a Tree for Remembrance”), the British have planted more than a million trees so far. Queen Elizabeth II herself gave the official go-ahead in the spring of 2021. Together with Prince Charles (73), patron of the expedition, she planted an oak tree in the grounds of Windsor Castle.

Tree as a sign of hope

“Planting a tree shows that you have hope and confidence in the future,” Prince Charles explained it in an Instagram video at the time. He picked up a spade and invited people to do the same and put a tree in the ground for his mother’s 70th anniversary.

The royal family also posted a set of photos on Twitterwhich showed the Queen planting trees around the world. According to the commentary, more than 1,500 copies were collected during the reign.


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