February 22, 2024

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: new hands-on images compared to the Galaxy S23 Ultra

On the Taiwanese website Suji Deleted images of the upcoming 200MP Galaxy S24 Ultra flagship have now resurfaced, which of course spread across the internet in no time. You can see all three sides of the Galaxy S24 Ultra in direct comparison with the Galaxy S23 Ultra (here Available on Amazon), but unfortunately not the exciting front and rear views.

Instead, in the three images below we see the top and bottom as well as one of the two side surfaces with the power and volume buttons. Given that the Galaxy S24 Ultra launch is still about six weeks in the future, that’s not a bad way to start the hands-on leak season. You can see what the Galaxy S24 Ultra will look like from the front by looking at the beautiful image By icy universe (See above) Once again, there was already a leak of the first hands-on images a few days ago.

A direct hands-on comparison shows a titanium case that appears a bit thinner, and its radius of curvature on the sides is a bit flatter as well. A few other differences are the new S-Pen, which is flat on the back and has a continuous slot to open the speaker instead of individual slots. Speaking of holes: In the future there will be two holes at the top instead of one, but there will be one missing at the bottom. Now that the first test devices are already in circulation, we can expect more real images of the Galaxy S24 Ultra to leak soon, which might actually show off the front.

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