February 24, 2024

Updating Google Drive brings back data that was thought to be missing

In recent weeks, an increasing number of users have been complaining about mysterious data loss on Google Drive. Files uploaded after May 2023 can no longer be found in cloud storage (Swiss IT Magazine reported). According to Google, the error is caused by sync issues in the corresponding Google Drive desktop app. “We have identified the issue in a small group of Drive for Desktop users with version 84, which only affects changes to local files that have not yet been synced to Drive,” Google wrote in late November. “This issue did not affect changes to files that were already synced and visible in the Drive mobile app or in the Drive web UI.”

The company now offers the appropriate solution to this problem. This comes in the form of an update to the desktop app to version Google also explains one of these Support pageHow to recover data that you thought was lost using the backup function. After recovery, the data should appear on your desktop in a new folder called Google Drive Recovery.

However, if other issues occur despite the update, Google encourages you to submit feedback via the Drive for Desktop app using the hashtag #DFD84 and contact support directly. (sta)

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