February 28, 2024

Royal Family: Meghan Markle as the Evil Fairy

It wasn't more than a year after her dream wedding with Prince Harry before Meghan Markle turned into a problematic affair.

LONDON – For Meghan Markle, the honeymoon in her new home is finally over. Not so long ago, their appearance in the UK caused delight. Her wedding to Prince Harry in May was one of the social highlights of 2018 and a huge hit with audiences around the world. In the summer, she was seen happily sitting next to the Queen. In the fall, she conquered everyone's hearts on a trip to the South Pacific with Harry.

At that time it was also announced that she was expecting a baby – enough fodder for the tabloids. But recently, the tone of the reporting has changed. While there was previously a lot of talk about her radiant, “Markle Sparkle” nature, one now hears a bad word about the “difficult Duchess”. All sorts of things have been reported, even if it's often just a rumour. Meghan is said to have had a real tantrum when she was asked whether or not she was allowed to wear a certain royal tiara to the wedding, and also turned up her nose at the “musty” smell in St George's Chapel, where the wedding took place. She drove her employees crazy. However, her private secretary, personal assistant and bodyguard, an inspector from Scotland Yard, resigned after only a few months.

That's not all: Meghan was allegedly reprimanded for her lack of court manners by Kate, Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William. As punishment, Meghan “made Kate cry” over another matter, The Sun reported. Meanwhile, Meghan has insisted on moving from Kensington Palace, where they currently live together, to Frogmore House this spring. It is now being renovated at a cost of three million pounds (3.4 million euros).

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It is said that there was a dispute between William and Harry

Suddenly, it seems that even the previously inseparable brothers William and Harry have had their differences. The initially sweet success story of the couple, the “Fab Four,” as the press dubbed them, now gives way to bitter “catfight” drama between the two women. Sober observers were quick to point out that such production was more in tune with the hackneyed needs of mass journalism and the thirst for conflict in social media than with hard facts. After the fairytale wedding, the glorious protagonist is transformed into the evil fairy – a pattern already known since the time of Diana.

Suspicions have also been expressed, especially in the USA, that the sinister racism of “Old England” is trying to put Meghan in the twilight. This is matched by anonymous tweets often targeting Meghan – for example, suspecting her of bleaching her skin to “look whiter”. Meghan's fans on both sides of the Atlantic also fear that their idol, who gave the Windsors a more modern persona, will now be given a new, conservative, upper-class image by the British royal family. They are now complaining that Meghan's TV career, former independence, popular blogging and online feminist activism were cleverly stolen from her in court.

The Queen is supposed to welcome Meghan over a cup of tea

But others accuse her of bringing this fate upon herself through her desire to belong to the royal family. As we hear, Meghan is currently receiving 'duchess lessons' from advisors sent to her by the King. Some family members are said to have recommended that she simply stop “to take tea with the Queen now and then” to allow her to explain what was and was not going on at court.

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Sometimes, Meghan Markle is still finding her voice — and upsetting the more conformist Windsor family. When she and Harry visited a prostitutes' charity in Bristol during the recent cold snap, she began amusingly marking individual bananas in the food parcels the organization provided. “You are strong,” “You are special,” “You are brave,” scribbled on banana peels. She explained to her astonished prince that she had seen a mother doing this in her home in the United States of America during a school lunch campaign: “I wrote an encouraging message on each banana to give the children more strength and more self-confidence.”