July 12, 2024

Roman Wake ends his career

Roman Wake ends his career

After 748 matches and two championship titles, it’s over: ZSC Lions striker Roman Wake retired from active professional sport.

The basics are in brief

  • Roman Wick has been looking for goals for ZSC Lions for nine years.
  • Born in Zuzwiler, he moved from Kloten Flyers to Lions in 2012.
  • Now Wake has had enough: Wing closes its skates.

ZSC Lions striker Roman Wake comments his sleds: After 17 years of professional sport, the 35-year-old is ending his career, the club has announced.

Wick jumped to Canada early in his career. In 2006, he returned home, to Kloten Flyers’ club, which he played with until 2004. Four years later, Wake went through the pool again. He was appointed by the Senators of Ottawa.

Roman Wick was a two-time Swiss champion

During this time he completed seven matches in the North American NHL. At the end of February 2011, Wick signed a contract with Kloten Flyers.

The following year, he moved from airport club to cantonal competitor ZSC Lions. With Zurich, he was crowned champion of Switzerland in 2014 and 2018. In total, he has been on ice in 748 national league matches, scoring 222 goals and counting 264 goals.

Roman Wake was also snowboarding in the Swiss national team jersey. Born in Zusweiler, he has competed in two Olympic Games and three World Championships.

“Wonderful moments, lots of goal celebrations and legendary wick tricks are immersed in memories. So in my mind I don’t even shout: Rrrrrrooooman Wiiiiiick!”, Write Lions on Twitter when he says goodbye.

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