May 22, 2024

Romain Shadd twice scores World Cup points in Canada – Einsiedler-Anzeiger

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Roman Shad has been in Canada twice with World Cup points

On Tuesday in Canmore, Roman Shadd scored his first World Cup points this winter in a classic sprint with a 38th-place finish.

In Canmore/Canada on February 10-13, there was a freestyle and classic style sprint on the programme.

In last Saturday's heat race, the Unteriberg sprint specialist finished 42nd at the front in the fifth race of the discipline and missed the quarter-finals for the second time this winter. He lost 8.65 seconds to Norwegian winner Johannes Hosflot Klaebo. There were almost two seconds missing to reach the quarterfinals. Fellow Swiss skier Jannik Ripley was 14th and finished sixth in the final races.

Romain Schad picked up another nine World Cup points to finish 42nd. Johannes Hosflot Klaebo won ahead of compatriot Erik Valnes.

Roman Shadd had a better situation Tuesday in his weaker discipline. In the classic sprint he finished 38th and collected another 13 World Cup points. It was the first time he had scored World Cup points in a Classic race this season. He lost 11.58 seconds to the winner Johannes Hosflot Kleibo, and in thirtieth place he lost 1.77 seconds.

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Valerio Grund ran in front in 29th, Jannik Ripley in 40th, and Cyril Vandrich in 45th. Romain Schade was therefore the second best Swiss in the classic sprint. Valerio Grund was eliminated in the quarterfinals and finished 25th in the final rankings.

First of all, Roman Shadd was in a better position in the classic sprint than last Tuesday. Last winter he finished 25th in Les Rousses/France. The race was won again by Johannes Hosflot Claebo, ahead of Frenchman Richard Goff and Eric Valnes.

Roman Shad's next mission will be tomorrow, Saturday. The sixth freestyle ski race, the second to last of the season, is on the program in Minneapolis/USA.

Image: EA Archive