December 11, 2023

Rogue-lite 360 ​​° Shooter Orbital Bullet takes a new level and unlocks alpha invitations

Rogue-lite 360 ​​° Shooter Orbital Bullet takes a new level and unlocks alpha invitations

Publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer SmokeStab are proud to announce an all-new dynamic area for the action-packed superhero shooter, Orbital Bullet, today! In the dynamic “Jungle”, players will encounter all kinds of enemies, weapons and features never before seen in the game’s unique 360-degree circular platform level design. Not only that, but the developers are inviting players to join the game by joining the official Orbital Bullet Discord game and participating in the Alpha game!

Orbital Bullet is an award-winning platform and action game that takes the proven and addictive Rogue-Lite formula and adds a unique twist with its 360-degree rotation plane design. Players can expect smooth, fast-paced gameplay with procedurally-configured opponents and level items, with an “instant serve” after completing the level – so the tempo is maintained and the action flows smoothly! Of course, it wouldn’t be a villain without an in-depth skill tree, game-changing body mods, upgrades, and of course a variety of heavy weapons to wipe out the hordes of enemies preventing you from reaching the next level!

In this latest trailer, players get a glimpse of the never-before-seen ‘jungle’ level as our daring little spaceship climbs onto beautiful digital yggdrasil twigs with lush foliage and plenty of bad guys to shoot down.

Main features of the orbital bullet:

  • Nothing “rosy” about this ring: a unique 2.5D universe that offers the player a unique setting for the genre with a 360-degree plane design
  • Bullets and Body Mods: It wouldn’t be like El Dodger without all kinds of cool upgrades and mods, skill trees and heavy weapons that you can use to make this sci-fi action game right
  • Intense Arcade action: Orbital Bullet is a game that defines another “round” and throws players into battle with wild and crazy action. Jump, dodge and of course shoot your way through hordes of enemies as you make your way through various beautiful and unique biomes.
  • No Time to Relax: Instant shifts in level after completing the stage ensure that the chaos does not end and your finger remains on the trigger; No more rhythm interrupted by cinematic scenes or pivot worlds!
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The Orbital Bullet is currently in the Alpha phase and should finish for PC in Spring 2021 steam. To be published. To learn more about the game, join the administrator Disagreement In, continue the game Instagram And the The social networking site FacebookAnd, of course, visit the site at

To find out more about their games, follow Assemble Entertainment at TwitterAnd the InstagramAnd the The social networking site Facebook Or join their administrator Disagreement-Server in.