December 10, 2023

Anno 1800 Speicherstadt - Season 3's first DLC content available

Anno 1800 Speicherstadt – Season 3’s first DLC content available

Free game update 10

At the same time the first DLC for the Season 3 Coupon for 1800 year Free Game Update 10 with the following content:

  • Trade Route List improvements

  • Makes it possible to convert sidewalks into ways to connect buildings

  • DLC City Cosmetic Accessories are more attractive now

A list of all changes can be found here:

Free Weekend to new DLC content

Speicherstadt It comes with a free weekend, which runs from February 25 to March 1 and provides access to all major game content. During the Free Weekend, there’s a discount on the following editions:

  • Standard Edition: 50% off

  • Year 3 Gold Edition: 35% off

  • Investor spending: 25% cut

1800 year Digitally available for Windows PCs from the official Ubisoft Store and Epic Store. “Speicherstadt” is included in the Season 3 Pass, but can also be purchased separately

With the release of the new investor component of the base game of 1800 year, Messy Themed Deluxe Package In addition to all three season passes, players have the opportunity to start directly with the full game experience. This new release will be available digitally starting February 9th and in stores with additional material content beginning March 18th.

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