June 20, 2024

Microsoft Word: KI-Textvorhersage kommt im März

Microsoft Word: Predict AI text coming in March

Microsoft is equipping Word with more artificial intelligence technologies.

For about a year, Word writers have been able to use the AI ​​”rewrite suggestions” functionality in Microsoft 365 or Office 365: One Artificial intelligence It reads the text and makes suggestions for sentence completion or alternative formulations. For these suggestions, the AI ​​directs itself to the already written text.

With Text Predictions there is now comparable AI functionality in all versions of the Microsoft Editor in Word and Outlook. According to Microsoft, the idea is for users to write more efficiently and accurately with support for artificial intelligence.

AI plugins are displayed in gray in the text and can be incorporated into the text with the Tab key. The AI ​​must also learn its writing style and correct spelling or grammatical errors.

It is unclear how the “text predictions” differ from those presented in 2019 ‘Rewrite the suggestions’ Distinguish or whether both technologies flow together in the new functionality.

According to Microsoft, rewriting suggestions is based on Converter method (explanation)It is also the technical basis for the powerful OpenAIs AI GPT-3 audio. Microsoft states that AI has been trained with millions of sample sentences.

Microsoft introduces Word Desktop Text Prediction

In March, Microsoft wants to roll out AI text predictions for Desktop Word. The job should be available worldwide, but it supports According to current knowledge More English only. Mac OS support has not been announced.

Microsoft pledges that texts processed by AI will not be stored in the cloud and people will not see them – unless you expressly consent to human control. A process similar to the one used by voice assistants like Alexa or the Google Assistant runs here: People check AI outputs and identify and correct errors in the model.

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