Rivian Factory Europa-Start Anfang 2022

The American startup Rivian, backed by Amazon and Ford, among others, wants to sell its electric cars in Europe from the beginning of 2022. The company confirmed this in an email to a potential European customer.

However, no further details were given about the European launch. Report the Rivian Owners Forum about the customer email. Recently, there have also been rumors that the company was looking for a plant location – allegedly in the UK, Hungary or Germany. Job postings, such as the chief analyst for EMEA delivery planning, have recently signaled European ambitions.

It’s also not clear from the customer email when exactly, by the sales network and which models the European launch could take place – the only approximate information is early 2022 According to previous rumors, the Rivian could only bring the R1S electric SUV to Europe at the time. current, while the slightly larger R1T pickup will only be offered in North America for now. The company is also allegedly planning to develop a somewhat smaller series with a focus on Europe and China, but not much is known about this.

Apparently, Rivian plans to begin delivering the launch version of the R1T electric pickup in the US this month, it is reported. In March, Rivian presented ambitious plans for its freight networks in the USA and Canada. It is not yet known if these charging networks are also planned in Europe.

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