London finished all the events in England

The UK government has decided today to scrap the remaining coronavirus rules in England on July 19. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to stick to his plans and finally announce a return to normal, despite the surge in new infections. This means that the rules of distance and the obligation to wear a mask will fall within a week – against the advice of scholars and despite criticism from the opposition, unions and mayors.

Discos and nightclubs can reopen after that, in bars guests can enjoy their cubes close to each other, and there are no longer any restrictions on the audience for events. Johnson announced the easing a week ago, but announced a final review.

It has already been decided that from 19 July, fully vaccinated people and minors residing in the UK will be allowed to enter the country without being quarantined. However, tourists must remain in self-isolation for at least five days after their arrival.

The relief applies only to the greater British part of the country, England, which does not have its own regional government. The respective regional governments are responsible for health policy in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It will take longer for the recent CoV regulations to be repealed.

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