December 4, 2023

“Reverse network” and its own address? Radical ideas for Formula 1 racing

( – A reversed starting grid, $1 million in prize money and your own title – these are some of the ideas aimed at making Formula 1 speed racing more attractive. With Formula 1’s management levels increasingly realizing that the current system does not provide enough excitement, radical changes are also being considered.

Speed ​​racing in Austin was never this exciting again

Another dull drag race at the US Grand Prix, which was met with surprising disinterest from fans and caused ticket sales to collapse, reinforced the belief that something needed to change. Since Formula 1 wants to establish drag racing as an integral part of the championship in the long term, the goal is not to work on the details, but rather to review the format from the ground up.

There are no official proposals for potential changes to the Sprint format, which could come as early as 2024, but according to information from… Motorsportsister publication to On Motorsport Network, there are already informal discussions in the paddock.

Million dollar prize for the winner?

One idea is to create a separate racing championship so that points from sprint races do not count towards the World Cup classification. This can encourage riders to take more risks in speed races. This will prevent a scenario like this year in Qatar, when Max Verstappen was already confirmed as the new world champion after Saturday’s sprint race.

The idea of ​​including a sponsor and offering high financial prizes to the winners – up to one million US dollars – is also being discussed. An inverted starting grid as in Formula 2 racing is also discussed.

And in different versions. The top ten or the entire starting order can be reversed. The starting grid for this sprint race can be in reverse order of the championship or based on a qualifying format that encourages teams to set good lap times.

Toto Wolff rejects the inverted starting lineup

But extremist ideas are not approved everywhere in the arena. Red Bull team boss Christian Horner is one advocate of the bold changes. “I think you have to make the whole thing unpredictable,” Horner said after last Saturday’s race in Austin. “Whether you turn the top 10 or do something else, you have to add enough points to make it worth it for the drivers to try.”

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On the other hand, Mercedes motorsport director Toto Wolff can’t get used to the idea of ​​the reverse grid: “I’m a conservative in motorsport. I’d rather not have fast races than play with them. Still, going with the reverse grid is more in line with the formulas.” Youth where sports follow entertainment, even though entertainment should follow sports.

“Creating artificial games around the Saturday sprint is not the way I personally prefer,” Wolf adds. “But that’s my opinion.” “All teams should work with Stefano [Domenicali, F1-Geschäftsführer] Think what’s best.”