New Zealand: Four Uber drivers according to court staff at the US company

The New Zealand Labor Court has ruled that Uber drivers are employees of a US company and not mere contractors. Although the ruling applies to only four people, the first union behind the operation speaks of a “pioneering decision” not only for their country but for the entire world, according to The Guardian. “Finally there is justice,” says one of the complaining drivers. They now have a common opinion and are no longer under the control of Uber. The transport agent was disappointed and immediately announced that he wanted to appeal.

Employee status is the ‘door’ through which employees in New Zealand have to go to enjoy the many rights of employees, The Guardian explains. These include assurances of minimum wages, working hours, vacation, vacation, parental leave, and union membership. Although the ruling applies only to the four plaintiffs, it can also apply to more than that, particularly if there is “clear consistency in the way the companies operate and the framework in which drivers operate”. quotes.

The judge in charge is convinced that the four Uber drivers do not run their own businesses, but actually work as Uber employees. The US service is responsible for everything and decides how to carry out the work. Uber has made its way into cities all over the world, “and that ends here today in Aotearoa,” says Anita Rosentretter of Federation One on Governance. But as early as March 2021, after a year-long legal dispute, the US transport service provider recognized its drivers as UK employees and has since granted them the associated rights there.

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