June 20, 2024

Queen Elizabeth II: She acted so boldly when she was supposed to take off her crown for a photo

Queen Elizabeth II: She acted so boldly when she was supposed to take off her crown for a photo

Queen Elizabeth II is known for her quick wit. She also flashed it while taking a picture when the photographer made an unusual request.

In her 70-year reign, Queen Elizabeth II (95) has been photographed countless times. In 2007, famed photographer Annie Leibovitz (72) had the honor of making a series of portraits of The King. The American, who has also portrayed Hollywood stars like Penelope Cruz (47) and Jeff Bridges (72), can still remember this special day well today – also because of a funny note of a 95-year-old today.

Queen Elizabeth II made a sly remark at the lavish photoshoot

The opulent photo was taken in the White Drawing Room at Buckingham Palace. In this context, the British head of state was represented in a very charming way: the Queen wore beautiful dresses and furs for portraits, and she also wore her medals and some jewelry from the British royal family.

In honor of her jubilee, the palace released a beautiful portrait of the Queen. You can see more about this in the video!

During the filming, Leibovitz made an unusual request. As the Queen wore a stunning gown and a sparkling tiara, the photographer asked her if she could take off her tiara. The American asked, according to “Mirror” https://www.bunte.de/royals/itish-kings/. “You’ll look better, less fluffy.”

Then the Queen, famous for her wit, pointed to her sweeping dress and replied rudely, “Less dressed? What do you think he looks like?”

“Her determination and dedication to work was remarkable”

However, the king complied with the request and the photographer was able to capture some great shots of her without a crown. In a later interview, Leibovitz was visibly impressed by the 95-year-old and her spirited nature. “What was remarkable about the photo session was her determination and dedication. I stayed until I said we were finished,” the 72-year-old recalls.

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The Queen also seemed very satisfied with the work of the stellar photographer. After all, Leibovitz was invited to return to the UK after a few years to take selfies of the Queen for her 90th birthday.

The private footage of the Queen and her family is heart-warming

Aside from the big, stage shots, the British Queen is also photographed every now and then on very special moments. Some of the photos, which show she is comfortable with her family away from the court ceremony, have been posted only casually.

On the other hand, many other images of the guardian, which at first glance seem completely inconspicuous, are likely to make one or another viewer very sad at second glance.

There are occasionally refreshingly unusual shots of not only the Queen, but also Duchess Kate. More on this in the video!
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