Interview on tax competition – “Switzerland is very attractive”

“Switzerland is very attractive”

In order to maintain economic sovereignty, Europe must be at the forefront when it comes to digitization, Sigmar Gabriel demands. The former German foreign minister advised Switzerland to continue negotiating with Brussels, even if there was no “free lunch”, and found that “the EU’s position in the end is completely inflexible”.

Mr. Gabriel, is the G20 minimum tax a first step towards a global structure against tax evasion?

It is a first step in the face of tax dumping competition and tax evasion, because it is an anti-social way of dealing with the public good. Everything is expected of the state – security, defense, education, infrastructure. Then when it comes to how to pay for it, everyone tries to contribute as little as possible. But why should a master baker in Germany pay a higher tax rate than a US-based company from Ireland?

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