May 27, 2024

After 'Tinder Swindler' on Netflix: Prankster Simon Leviev is now planning his own movie - cinema news

After ‘Tinder Swindler’ on Netflix: Prankster Simon Leviev is now planning his own movie – cinema news

Convicted fraudster Simon Leviev has been known as a “Tinder scammer,” at least since the release of a Netflix documentary of the same name. Currently, Leviev lives in freedom – and is planning his own film in the style of “Catch me if you can.”

Netflix (screenshot from “The Tinder”)

In 2011, Simon Leviev, born in 1990, was accused of theft, forgery and fraud in his native Israel, but left the country instead of appearing in court. In 2017, Leviev was sentenced to two years in prison in Finland for cheating on three women. These are just two cases in which Leviev’s behavior brought him to justice. In a newspaper article and a Netflix documentary, both released under the name “The Tinder Swindler,” Simon Leviev is also accused of cheating three women out of $500,000. He denies the allegations and accuses the women of tampering. He is now planning what he claims is a book, a reality show, and a movie about his life.

Inner Edition He did an exclusive interview with the man who is currently wanted in Norway, Sweden and the UK for fraud and forgery and who has been banned from various dating app operators. His ploy, well documented in The Tinder Swindler, was to pose as a businessman and member of a wealthy family on Tinder, enter into relationships with women, and then, under the pretext of distress, demand money from them that he never paid.

Leviev, who has not yet been charged with the allegations made against him in the documentary regarding his cheating on Tinder, his planned movie explained otherwise. Inner Edition Now comparing it with two modern classics of crook cinema.

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Compared to Spielberg and Scorsese films

“We are working on a movie based on my life, like ‘Catch Me If You Can’ or ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’. I’ve had some offers”Simon Leviev. In Catch Me If You Can and The Wolf Of Wall Street, Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese — both starring Leonardo DiCaprio — have adapted the life stories of Frank Abagnale and Jordan Belfort, both of whom have been imprisoned for fraud. How Leviev could seriously pursue the communication strategy of calling Tinder Swindler’s scam to his girlfriends at the time a lie fabricated by women, while the convicted fraudster on the other hand wants to become a rogue movie character remains a secret.

Stunning scams are currently very popular on Netflix. #1 on the chart is “Inventing Anna”, a fantasy series about Anna Sorokin, who for years in New York has been lying that she was a wealthy heiress and was convicted of multiple robberies in 2019. Anna Sorokin is already planning further media exploitation of her crimes, but on the Unlike Simon Leviev, she is currently in prison.

This is how you should continue after ‘Inventing Anna’: what the real Anna Sorokin has been doing so far