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Prison prevents doctors from arriving

Prison prevents doctors from arriving

07. April 2021 – 13:16 hour

Denied access to Detention Center IK 2: Doctors arrested

Alexei Navalny’s health appears to be rapidly deteriorating in custody. Doctors fear that he will lose his leg. But the prison administration refuses to allow the doctors to see him.

Despite his critical health: Doctors are not allowed to see Alexei Navalny

Concerns about Alexei Navalny’s health grew, Russian doctors and colleagues on Tuesday tried to gain access to the imprisoned politician. The 44-year-old is being held in the notorious prison No. 2 in the small town of Pokrov, about a hundred kilometers east of Moscow, or IK 2 for short.

“As Alexey’s doctor, I want to understand what is happening to him. I have the right to do it,” President of the Doctors’ Union Anastasia Vasilieva told reporters, who gathered outside the prison gates. “He who should prevent doctors from reaching a dying person,” the doctor said.

“We are not here to protest. We have come to remind the prison authorities of the right of prisoners to medical care,” added Artem Boriskin, another activist from the Doctors Alliance.

But instead of accepting the doctors in Navalny, the prison authorities dissolved the meeting. The Interior Ministry of the Vladimir region said that nine people, including Vasilieva, had been arrested for “violating public order.”

Alexei Navalny has “signs of a respiratory illness”

The pro-Kremlin newspaper “Izvestia” reported, Monday, citing prison authorities, that Navalny was transferred to the colony’s medical and health department with “signs of respiratory disease.”

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Navalny’s health appears to be deteriorating in custody. The politician told the world through his lawyer that he had a fever of 38.1 degrees and that he had a “severe cough.” The hunger strike, which began a few days ago, will continue anyway, according to Nawalni’s Instagram account, on Monday. Three of his fellow prisoners had already been hospitalized due to tuberculosis. Navalny’s lawyer, Olga Mikhailoa, told independent TV station Duchd that the opposition leader had already lost 13 kilograms during his time in the concentration camp.

The new Secretary General of Amnesty International, Agnes Callamard, turned to Kremlin President Vladimir Putin over the case, as she wrote on Twitter. “There is a real possibility that Russia will subject him to a slow death. He should have immediate access to a doctor he trusts and be released.”

Nawalni’s employees had recently expressed concern about his health. According to him, he suffers from a pinched nerve in his back. Due to improper treatment, he was threatened with losing his right leg. Gradually, he no longer had any feeling in his left leg either.

Alexei Navalny holds this ID in the detention center

Only advertisers are allowed access to Navalny

While doctors are still denied entry to Navalny, access to state media has been granted. Among other things, Maria Butina was allowed to pay a visit to the RT Navalny propaganda service. Butina was sentenced to 18 months in prison in the US in 2019 after admitting to infiltrating Republican circles and the US arms lobby, the NRA, at the direction of a Russian official. She pleaded guilty to conspiring against the United States.

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In return for declared recognition and cooperation with the investigating authorities, the second charge of acting as an unregistered foreign agent was dropped. After her release, Putins returned to Russia and now works for RT.

In her report, Butina now presents the public with a “model” colony and more like a holiday camp. To Navalny, who you can’t see, explains out loud that inmates will live in better conditions than hotel guests in the Russian provinces. Behind them are empty two-story bed frames.

Note: This article appeared by Ellen Evitz first At this point in stern.de.