September 30, 2023

Princess Madeleine and her family returned to Sweden

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Updated September 15, 2023 at 7:33 AM

Princess Madeleine and her family arrived in Stockholm to celebrate the 50th anniversary of King Carl Gustav’s accession to the throne. The big celebrations begin tomorrow, Friday.

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Members of the Swedish royal family come together to celebrate the king’s 50th anniversary on the throne Charles XVI Gustav on Friday and Saturday. As reported by Expressen newspaper on Thursday morningPrincess Madeleine and her family arrived in Stockholm from the United States of America. Although Madeleine, her husband Chris O’Neill and their three children spent the summer mainly in Sweden, the family returned to their new home in the USA at the beginning of August.

The new school year of their children – Princess Leonor, Prince Nicola and Princess Adrienne – began there. The plan was actually for the family of five to turn their backs on the United States this year and return to Sweden. However, the move has been postponed until next year. The reason for the delay is that they need more time to plan.

This was planned for the jubilee of the throne

A newspaper spokeswoman said it was now a good opportunity to join in the celebrations together in Stockholm. It’s a “unique and big anniversary.” Plans include a march through Stockholm followed by a speech to the people and an anniversary concert with famous artists. There are also concerts, banquets and other receptions, some very formal, some of a private nature. Download on the evening before the Jubilee of the Throne Carl Gustav and Queen Silvia for a private dinner at Drottningholm Palace. Memorial Day itself begins with a prayer of thanksgiving and ends with a large banquet in the palace.

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The festive show will be shown across Stockholm live on Erste on September 16 from 2:15pm to 3:35pm. A comprehensive review of the entire celebrations marking the Jubilee of the Swedish Throne will be available in a special broadcast on ZDF in the evening (from 7:25 p.m.).
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